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Have your product, story or idea heard and seen by one of the most powerful consumer groups, Generation X. We range in age from 40 to 55 and number 65 million strong with tremendous buying power and interest in resources that help us live our best lives. GenXtra speaks directly to this consumer group, that has been overlooked and underserved by marketers. GenXtra features the latest lifestyle tips, trends, news, and must-haves to enhance the quality of life for GenXers, filling a media void. Our show offers the following sponsored segment opportunities:

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Feel GenXtra

Featuring health and wellness companies, providers, products and services.



by Design

Focused on the latest trends, ideas and inspiration in home decor and design and featuring stories about art, artists, artisans, and makers. 

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Look GenXtra

Focused on beauty and fashion tips, trends, products and services.




Innovations that make life easier and more efficient for GenX’ers.


Live GenXtra

Focused on relationships, career and personal growth.


GenXtra Memories & Musings

A nostalgic look at cultural artifacts, stories, and people who shaped our formative years in the 70s and ’80s.




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Invest GenXtra

Financial and legal advice, news, products and services to help Gen X’ers plan for the future.




From favorite childhood recipes to the latest foodie trends, Cook GenXtra brings you recipes, cooking styles and entertainment ideas from Celebrity Chefs that fuse the past and present of culinary pop culture.


For more on sponsorship opportunities and rates, contact or call 407-416-1566

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